Lean Design


Increase the chance your products or ideas will succeeed

How it


The Lean Design Sprint is an accelerated discovery phase that focuses on the key proposition or problem, and getting to a solution faster.

5 days. 3 days of problem solving, 2 days of design and testing
Accelerate the standard design process to launch products faster
Quickly understand if you solution if worth developing or where it needs to change
Define the problem, Investigate solutions, agree, design and test with customers



A well defined problem is a well solved problem
You must know your ‘what’ and the ‘why’
Believe in the people and the process
Focus on the concept not the detail of the UI
Validation with 5 customers will get 80% of your insights

Our D.I.D.I.T.


The outcome of a Design Sprint can be totally different depending on the problem you are trying to solve. Sometimes it’s a roadmap, sometimes it's a method and sometimes it’s a product. At LDL we focus of working with software companies because that's what we know best!

Our design services
The problem to solve
The context with the experts
Solutions to test
Days 1-3 - Full team with the client
And build out the story
With real customers
Days 1-3 - Full team with you
Days 3-5 - We do heavy lifting


The outcome of a Lean Design Sprint can be totally different depending on the problem you are trying to solve. Sometimes it’s a roadmap, sometimes it’s a product. The standard outcome includes:

  • Validation of some pre-flight research
  • Facilitation of the 5 day session
  • A functioning prototype of the solution
  • An executive report
  • Video recordings of the research sessions
  • Developer-ready design files

Who uses



Our clients approach us with a variety of different problems they are trying to solve. The design sprint methodology works with either the development of a new idea or the evaluation and optimisation a current product.

Venture Capitalists & Angels
Increase the chance you investments will succeed
Product Owners & PMs
Speed up the product design & development process
CEOs andFounders
Roadtest new ideas or solutions without building the whole product
Venture Capitalists & Angels
Identify what the challenges are with the current experience 
Venture Capitalists & Angels
Remove guess work; design, test, measure, learn

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